Month: April 2018

Nurseryman entertains enthusiastic audience

April’s regular BHLG meeting attracted over 30 members and guests, who were regally entertained by Deans Marsh-based nurseryman Mike Robinson- Koss.

Mike dealt mainly with his specialty – the collection and propagation of native seeds. Using specimens of various stages of development that were, or should be, growing in the Barrabool Hills, he soon had the inside of the hall transformed into a native tree nursery.

As well as offering lots of growing tips, Mike dealt with the impact of climate change on species selection and changing the time of planting, using weed mats and mulch, and selecting provenances from further North.

Mike’s list of native species that are in danger of being lost from The Barrabool Hills made interesting reading:

Silver Banksia, Banksia marginata

Sweet bursaria, Bursaria spinosa

Prickly Currant Bush, Caprosma quadrifidia

Tree violet, Melicytus dentatus

For further info go to Mike’s website

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