Month: December 2018

BHLG xmas meeting report

On a beautiful Friday evening the annual BHLG Christmas BBQ got off to a sizzling start. The old-fashioned half 44gallon drum with solid iron grill produced some fine tucker to feed the 30 hungry souls present.  President, Kaye Rodden welcomed all members and guests, including retiring GLN Facilitator Alyssa Ashton-Smith and speaker, Rowan Reid.

In his address, Rowan highlighted the possibilities of  converting a well managed tree crop into a cash bonanza. He pointed out that new home builders in Melbourne were keen to source wall veneer and furniture made of  local timber from farms that relate the story of the genesis of the wood. He also stressed that it was not always necessary to supply indigenous timber, exotic varieties were perfectly acceptable provided they were fit for purpose.

Rowan Reid


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