Landcare means many things to many people. To some it is a symbol of the Australian Landcare movement – a partnership forged years ago between the environment group and farmers.

To others though, it represents good sense. Caring for the land we are caretakers of, whether we are here for the view or to make ends meet.

The Group is an homogeneous mix of volunteer land owners and occupiers who live on, or adjacent to, the Barrabool Hills; which is a ridge extending from the outskirts of the City of Geelong to the basaltic plains of Victoria’s Western District.

We were established in 1984 to counter the deterioration of the local landscape and the management of animal and plant pests, such as serrated tussock, rabbits and gorse. We have developed some very successful programs to deal with these issues.

Soil erosion, river water quality and the protection of native plant populations are also becoming major projects for us.

Our members are mainly farmers and small block owners. Our programs are therefore tailored to support agricultural production and meet family lifestyle requirements.

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Geelong Landcare Network Delegate

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