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Feral Feast, A Tidy Little Earner

Almost 4 years after its initial release, at the 2016 AGM,  our “Feral Feast” recipe book has clocked up 500 copies sold. President Kaye Rodden says  “sales are still going well, with 100 copies sold in the last 12 months. We have just completed our third print run  and the book is making a significant contribution to our bottom line.”

After exposure on the ABC Television’s “Landline” program, sales expanded significantly in all Australian states.

Copies of the book are available at all BHLG meetings for $20, in our shop (see this website) or at the Barwon Park mansion near  Winchelsea.

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Steel Wetland Project

Replanting: July 2020

Ten members braved a chilly wind to replant and guard the 300 trees lost to kangaroos and cockatoos. Under-foot conditions were much firmer than 12 months ago. The initial cardboard guards had not lasted the 12 months, so were replaced by plastic guards anchored by pine stakes.

The Initial Planting: July 2109

Located on the Steel Family property South of Mount Pollock, this 9 Ha transitory swamp is part of the natural channel draining stormwater run-off from the western Barrabool Hills to the Barwon river.

The Wetland Project was the inspiration of Maddie Steel, who recently joined the Landcare Group and helped prepare an application for a Victorian Landcare Grant to revegetate the site. Incidentally, Maddie is now a Committee member of BHLG and its representative on the Geelong Landcare Network.


The project design was primarily to restore the terminal vegetation of the area and, secondly, to create a more comfortable and safer breeding site for the Brolgas, which regularly visit. To find out more about these impressive dancing birds, read Maddie’s article on page 6 of the BHLG August 2019 Newsletter.

The Oberon School taxi. Taking student volunteers to the Wetlands site

Over 100 people participated in the 4 planting events, contributing about 320 volunteer hours. Apart from the locals, we welcomed members of Geelong’s Intrepid Landcare, the Gordon Institute, and Oberon High School. All were fed with hot BBQ food followed by delicious slices and cakes donated by members of the Group. The exercise also attracted many new Landcare volunteers.

The initial planting was carried out in July / August 2019. The underfoot condition were very liquid which posed difficult conditions for access, site preparation and planting. Andrew Steel and his team managed to erect a 1.32 Km fence to exclude sheep and cattle. He also deep ripped part of the site and sprayed herbicide to reduce competition from existing vegetation.

Maddie Steel (left) jubilant after the final tree seedling is planted

10,590 tubestock comprising 9,000 Poa native grasses and 1600 trees and shrubs were planted. The Poa were planted in 1 metre diameter circles to create a favourable environment for Brolga nesting. Unfortunately, within days of planting finishing, kangaroos and cockatoos shredded the cardboard carton guards, and damaged or killed many of the seedling trees on the West side.

Funding: courtesy of a Victorian Landcare grant through the Corangamite Catchment Authority.

For more information: Kaye 0438317499

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Steel Wetlands Project

The attached article by Maddie Steel (daughter of property owner) succinctly outlines the purpose of  Stephen Murphy’s design for the revegetation of their Mt Pollock wetlands site which was carried out by members of the BHLG, along with local volunteers, members of Intrepid Landcare and pupils of Oberon High School, Geelong. It was a mighty effort over several weeks. Congratulations to all those who contributed.



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