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2018 AGM Meeting Minutes

Barrabool Hills Landcare Group
Annual General Meeting
15th August 2018
Gnarwarre Tennis Pavilion

The AGM was preceded by a talk on Platypuses by Josh Griffiths.

Attendance: 50 BHLG members and guests

Apologies: 10 members

Confirmation of previous minutes 16th August 2017
Moved: Anthony Jones
Seconded: Christa Jones

Visitors welcomed by Kaye Rodden

President’s report
See Presidents Report attached.

Treasurer’s report
This report was fully audited and tabled at the meeting by Anthony Jones.

Election of office bearers and committee members
Dr Peter Greig was appointed as casual returning officer.

The following people were elected:
President: Dr Kaye Rodden Nominated : Heike Brown
Seconded: Anthony Jones
Deputy President: Jim Seager Nominated: Trevor Jones
Seconded: Brent Rodden
Secretary: Joan Anson Nominated: Anthony Jones
Seconded: Geoff Anson
Treasurer: Anthony Jones Nominated: Christa Jones
Seconded: Mark Dunn
Newsletter Editor: Tim Harte Nominated: Anthony Jones
Seconded: Jim Seager
Geelong Landcare delegates: Ian Kelly and Geoff Anson
Nominated: Jim Seager
Seconded : Anthony Jones
Committee Members: Heike Dunn, Sally Jones, Christa Jones and Judy Cohn
Nominated : Kaye Rodden
Seconded: Geoff Anson
Committee member: Tim Trottier Nominated: Geoff Anson
Seconded: Heike Brown
Anthony Jones thanked Kaye Rodden for her leadership, followed by acclamation from audience.

Ordinary business
Change of Bank Accounts
The following two motions were passed
“That the Barrabool Hills Landcare Group open new Not for Profit transaction and term deposit accounts at the Bendigo Bank” and that
“ The signatories on new accounts be Kathryn Minette Rodden, Edward James Seager, Joan Elizabeth Anson and Anthony Neville Jones with any two to sign”
Moved: Anthony Jones
Seconded; Mark Dunn

Proposed Wind farm at Mt Pollock
Warwick Peel and Andrew Maschmedt spoke about their concern re this proposal. They have formed the Gnarwarre Community Association to facilitate community consultation. Andrew and Warwick stayed after the meeting to answer questions and speak to interested people. They asked that people contact them if they had concerns.

Friends of the Barwon River
Peter Greig addressed the meeting, outlining plans for a Friends of the Barwon River advocacy group. He invited Barrabool Hills Landcare Group members to participate.

GIS Mapping
Geoff Anson briefly outlined the project, and asked that anyone who would like their property mapped to contact him.

Anthony Jones announced that membership subscriptions can now be paid online. He invited everyone to go to the website and renew memberships via our new Shop page using bank transfer, credit card or PayPal if desired.

Meetings Coming Up
October 17th “From Ginkos to Sheoaks, from inland lakes to rolling hills. The story of the Barrabool Hills and its vegetation.“ Guest Speaker Stephen Murphy. Church Hall.

December 7th Christmas BBQ at Belvedere guest Speaker to be announced.

February 14th, 18th and 21st Annual Rabbit Baiting Program

Meeting Closed 9.47 pm



Welcome everyone, and especially those who have not attended before.
In past years I would start off my report by proudly summarising all the achievements of the group during the last 12 months and then thank the executive and community members who have been instrumental in keeping the show on the road!

I realised that this is effectively putting the cart before the horse, and in fact if it wasn’t for you, our community members, nothing would happen. So a big thank you to you all for your continued support, passion and energy which has meant that the Barrabool Hills Landcare Group continues to thrive and spread its wings.

Whilst the community is pivotal to the success of the group there are some key members, predominantly your hard working executive, their friends and families who help to fuel the tank and steer our activities!

Firstly Geoff Anson who up until recently held the reins of the newsletter, and in his tenure took it from a small 2 sided typed document to an interesting and colourful must read magazine which has avid readers across the region and overseas! Geoff has also taken the initiative to map all the revegetation sites across the hills on a interactive portal so that we can plan for future projects and tell the story far and wide about how our community has helped to improve the sustainable management of our landscape.

Geoff together with Ian Kelly also represent the BHLG with distinction on the Geelong Landcare Network board, which means that we have a strong voice at the network level.

We couldn’t function as an organisation without Joan Anson, our secretary, who keeps track of our discussions at our bimonthly executive meetings, and also here today and makes sure we do what we say we will do and fulfil our governance requirements.

Judy Cohn was a key member of the organisation for the “launch of the flora booklet. She and her husband Brien not only oversaw the competition for the front and back images of the publication but also coordinated the exhibition of the images which were later auctioned at the launch dinner

Judy was also a member of the organising committee for our wintry rabbit and weeds field day in June. She and Brien also host one of the depots for our rabbit bait distribution

Heike Dunn is our newest member of the executive and she and her husband Mark definitely took the bull by the horns, agreeing to host our very successful end of year celebration before Christmas last year. Heike and Mark have also offered to oversee our future tree propagation programme, so watch this space.

Christa Jones coordinated the rabbit and weeds field day and I am sure it was the aroma of her soup that tempted people away from their warm fires to attend. With over 40 enthusiastic members from across the region, the event was a huge success, and much of this is due to Christa and her team

An enormous thanks also here to Trevor Jones who is Christa’s right hand man and also the caretaker of the groups equipment. It was Trevor who stayed around in the cold after we had all gone home, to oversee the contractor who ripped the warrens as part of the field day Thanks Trevor.

Our group would definitely be floundering financially if not for our very capable treasurer, Anthony Jones. I proudly sat in the last Landcare Victoria Inc. committee of management meeting when the executive officer said that I was the only member of the committee whose group had submitted their members payments on time!

All our financial and other records are now easily monitored with the accounting package xero. Which means that any one of the executive can pick up the reins with minimal fuss if we need to. Anthony has also been instrumental in helping to design and oversee the wonderful new website which was launched this year. We also now have a facility to enable automatic payment of membership and purchase of our recipe book via the website and we are also hoping that rabbit bait orders will also be streamlined on line too for our next baiting in February.

A huge thank you also to Sally Jones who has once again created culinary masterpieces for most events we hold , including tonight. Sally has also stood in as acting secretary when Joan is not available. Sally manages the sales of our recipe book, which as you will hear from Anthony in his report is now making a profit and these funds are contributing to other projects the group undertakes.

Thank you also to Ian Kelly and Jim Seager who coordinated the new and replacement signage for the group, which had become very tired and was not a good advertisement for the group.

Ian also keeps the “church signage up to date” which I understand requires a discrete rubber mat to climb over the electric fence.

Jim, our vice president, is such an asset to the group, His knowledge of the community and of agricultural and pest plant and animal practices is second to none. He was a key contributor to the field day organisation and is usually the first of the team to meet new members when he drops by to hand over the BHLG sign and group information.

The last of our executive team is our new newsletter editor Tim Harte. Tim’s first newsletter was the August edition and it was jam packed with wonderful images and lots of interesting articles. I know we all look forward to what he comes up with next!

It would be remiss of me to overlook the key contribution that the Geelong Landcare Network facilitator Elissa Ashton Smith has made to many of the activities of the group over the last 12 months. Most significantly helping coordinate the production and publication of our very own Flora booklet.

This project was a joint effort between the BHLG, The Gordon TAFE students and in particular the diploma coordinator Angie Poole, our member Stephen Murphy who continues to enthral readers with his articles about native plants and animals and Elissa . Elissa was instrumental in doing the final edit, not an easy task, coordinating the input from the Wadawurrung regarding indigenous usage of the plants featured and reconciling the financial to-ings and fro-ings. Which were complicated as the funds came from multiple sources.

Finally and probably most importantly thank you to the one person who always has my back when I need help and on top of this manages the email distribution of notices and newsletters and updates the website… my husband Brent. I couldn’t do what I do without you.

The upcoming year is going to be very exciting. Not only as we build our data base of projects that have been completed and are contributing to the changed Barrabool Hills landscape which we are so proud of, but also as we have been successful in winning a Victorian Landcare Grant to reinstate 6ha of a wetland, south of Mt Pollock, which already provides a resting place for brolgas. We are setting up a small steering committee to oversee this project which needs to be completed in 12 months. If anyone would like to be a member of this group please let me know.

We will be also having a number of field days and tree planting events over the next 12 months, so that all our community can be part of this great project and watch as it grows and attracts hopefully brolgas and other resident flora and fauna.

So we have another busy year ahead, and I look forward to seeing many of you at the events we hold.

Kaye Rodden
Group President

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