New Focus on the Barwon River

The middle of May saw the launch of the “Friends of the Barwon” organisation at a ceremony at Fyansford.

President, Peter Greig, outlined the purpose of the group: “Friends of the Barwon is a catchment wide network of groups and individuals working to protect and restore the the long-term health of the Barwon River and its tributaries through building partnerships, empowering communities, engaging with government and providing strong and effective advocacy. The vision is for a healthy, flowing. life-sustaining Barwon River system which is valued by all the community.”


Also at the launch of the “Friends of the Barwon”, co-author Jennifer Morrow released the book she had written, with Peter Greig outlining their adventures during their walk along the River from the source to the sea.


Copies of the book are available through email:

Price: $30