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Management of Feral European Rabbit
Kaye Rodden Feb 2016)

The control of feral rabbits is quite pertinent to the community in  the Hills as it is from close to here over 150 years ago that the Australian rabbit plague was launched!

In 1959 13 pairs of European rabbits were released at Barwon Park near Winchelsea for game hunting. Within 70 years these rabbits had dominated 2/3rd’s of the Australian continent, which is the fastest rate of any colonising mammal in the world. Feral rabbits are very suited to the Australian Mediterranean climate and under these conditions “procreate with uncontrollable velocity”! One pair of mating rabbits can produce 200 offspring in 18 months.

In Victoria feral or wild populations of European rabbits (Orytolagus cuniculus) are declared as….Click here to continue reading