Recreating the Country

Hi followers of the Recreating the Country blog on grasslands,

The series on Managing Grasslands and Grassy Woodlands, why we are losing the battle to save them has fallen on fertile soil!

Parts 1 & 2 had more than a thousand readers each and from the diverse and wonderful comments there is a general agreement that cultural and political attitudes toward protecting Australia’s wildlife need to change quickly.

Part 3 – ‘The Wisdom of Indigenous Elders’ looks at the benefits of Traditional Owner burning practices. Part of the emerging solution to our dilemma is to empower Australia’s indigenous people to practice their craft and reconnect with Country.
Click on the link below to read part 3; au/blog/managing-grasslands-and-grassy-woodlands-in-temperate-australia-why-were-losing-the-battle-to-save-them-part-3-the-wisdom-of-indigenous-elders

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