Tim Trottier joins Geelong Landcare Network

BHLG member and committeeman, Tim Trottier has been appointed the new Facilitator of the Geelong Landcare Network (GLN). He replaces Elissa Ashton Smith who is pursuing further education. Congratulations to Tim and the best of luck for an even brighter future in Landcare.

Message from Peter Stray

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Tim Trottier as the new Geelong Landcare Network Facilitator.

Tim has a solid background in landcare, being a member of the Barrabool Hills Landcare group, Intrepid Landcare and Australian Landcare International. He has a diploma in Conservation and Land Management and has a wide range of other certificates, licences and qualifications. He has also worked in several different jobs involving natural resource management and agriculture, and is a keen learner of all things related to land care and regenerative agriculture.

Tim is employed for three days per week. It is planned that he will work from the Inverleigh office (23 High St) on Mondays and Tuesdays, with the balance of his time either working from home, attending meetings or out in the field. Tim is keen to get to know his “patch” (Geelong Landcare Network area) and will be making contact with groups over the course of the next few weeks to meet and greet and tour the area.

Tim’s contact details will remain the same as before.

Please make Tim feel welcome as he settles in to his new position.


Peter Stray


Geelong Landcare Network.”